A thrilling Stravinsky
“Russian Andrey Rubtsov <…>, tall and expressive, conducted Stravinsky’s Octet with deceptive economic precision bringing out the piece’s humour and the contrasts with the more stately passages. The tight ensemble work, precise unison passages and exciting range of dynamics really showed off this talented group of young players.”

“Rubtsov is considered to be one of the most talented young conductors in the world.”

Five stars
“Andrey Rubtsov in discreet but perceptive control, did a frankly fabulous job on the music, characterising it wonderfully, with all of its humour, hell-for-leather pacing and near-outrageous cartoon capers.”

Five stars
“Without qualification, it was one of the concerts of the year. Needle-sharp MusicLab playing throughout, and a special word for conductor Andrey Rubtsov, in total command of the music in all its guises. A memorable night.”

“Red Note Ensemble <…> under the batons of Leverhulme Conducting Fellow, Andrey Rubtsov… Steely precision and sensitivity ensured these new compositions were seen in the best possible light.”

“This is the platform for the world's most gifted aspiring conductors. One of them — Royal Academy of Music graduate Andrey Rubtsov.”

Segodnya, NTV TV-channel, 19.09.2012

“Rubtsov was comfortable, and he confidently took the opening Moderato at an unexpectedly slower tempo. That broadening opened the way for graceful phrasing in all the cantabile parts of the Serenade. It was poised. The Menuetto became a Tchaikovsky-like waltz; the Larghetto, relaxed and easy. Rubtsov had it completely in mind (memorized) and in hand.”

San-Francisco Classical Voice, 25.07.06

“At times Mikhail Vasilievich seemed to forget about the orchestra, but that was only an illusion — piano and the accompaniment felt each other so deeply that sounded really like a single instrument. Last season Pletnev has performed Mozart's concerto conducting right from his piano seat, this time conductor's stand was given to Andrey Rubtsov.”

Gazeta, 23.09.2004


Violin Concerto

“An Expressive Violin Concerto… where a melancholy Introduction is followed by sharp as a knife but also delicate and immersive, harmonious Scherzo. The third movement is furious and of striking austerity before the Violin Concerto ends surprisingly exuberant. Incredible precision and empathy of Fischer and the orchestra made yet unknown work into an unforgettable listening experience.”

“Not a heavily Avantgarde work but rather an expressive music, capturing magical moods that are well tailored for the soloist. And Julia Fischer is true to her pledge: capricious, sensitive to a music and with a sparkling virtuosity. A rewarding piece. Cheers and ovations for everyone involved.”

“…The piece is very well crafted with magnificent cantilenas and Flageolett sections in sensitive heights. Andante Dolente reminds of Shostakovich’s best pages and in the Finale Fischer mastered all virtuoso passages, but a special mention to Violin section of fantastic Academy of St Martin-in-the-Fields as well.”

“He calls himself a traditionalist… Andrey Rubtsov enjoys the sound world of the late Romantic period. That seems to be why he writes as if Arnold Schoenberg, Pierre Boulez and Co. music world never happened. Above all, however, he is an highly adept craftsman who knows how to make effect, without having to resort to the musical stereotypes of conventional soundtracks.
After a cautious Introduction just about everything is summoned to create magic on the violin. The whole thing is often rhythmically-sharpened, but always grounded firmly in a tonal foundation, melodic, with just a bit of dissonance as a condiment.”

Oboe Concerto

“Very attractive CD... Young Andrey Rubtsov combines folk elements with melodic lines; music is so characteristic that it has a lasting effect.”

Children Projects ("Christmas story", "The Scarlett Flower")

“Fascinating piece of music where movements follow each other resembling a kaleidoscope — each with its own character; this mix of styles is perceived as something organic and musical themes stick to one's memory on the fly. Rubtsov's music is sharp and nearly movie-like in its imagery while powerful drive seem to have transformed musicians of the orchestra.”

'Trud' newspaper, 16.01.2014

“People were enchanted by the music. Andrey Rubtsov created an outstanding full-scale piece.”

'Moskovskaya Pravda' newspaper, 20.01.2014

“We'd go so far as to guess that Andrey Rubtsov's Christmas Divertimento will enjoy long and happy stage life. And might it not one day take its place in 'Christmas Classics' section?”

'Komsomolskaya Pravda' newspaper, 19.01.2014

“Andrey Rubtsov created luminous and vivid composition. Main theme is very good indeed: melody with a long breath, fresh and serene — representing the Christmas itself.” magazine 21.01.2014

“The best Christmas gift for children and adults alike.”

'Vechernyaya Moskva' newspaper, 08.01.14

Other works

“Some of the most beautiful music written for these instruments ever. Shows a complete understanding of the instruments.”

Kansas Public Radio, November 2007, on Marbella Fantasy

“Program in Saratov opened with the world premiere of Elegy in memory of Pavel Khlebnikov by Andrey Rubtsov — composition that is marked with poetry and inspiration and reveals an appropriately routed into the national classic.”

Kultura no. 20, 2006

“The most important thing was that this workshop featured the original music, written specially for this occasion and played by the live musicians. Neo-folkloric "Wind Kiss" by young oboist of the Russian National Orchestra Andrey Rubtsov composed with competence and feels very dance-able.”

Ballet magazine, no. 5 2005

“Compositional contrasts [of Three Moods] are very bold, written-out well and the musical language even though being accessible is exceptionally intellectual and philosophical.”

Music & Time, May 2005


“Andrey Rubtsov brings his fine oboe culture in the C minor Concerto with self-confidence. It becomes warm in the heart.”

Badische Zeitung. 17-02-2009

“Andrey Rubtsov sustains the music with eloquent inflexions and a feeling for dialogue.”

BBC Music Magazine. April 09

“…Well partnered by Alexander Sitkovetsky and Andrey Rubtsov.”

The Sunday Times, 8-02-2009 — Bach Concertos CD review

“Here is authentic Bach in the most meaningful sense of the word – affectionate, brilliant, joyful… Oboist Andrey Rubtsov provides spirited partnership in the other infectious double concerto. Grade A.”

Detroit News, 15-04-2009

“Andrey Rubtsov’s oboe tone is mellow and attractive, and its lines sometimes lead the rest of the strings as if attached to its notes like the strings of a puppet in the opening Allegro. Transparency of texture characterizes the Adagio, with Fischer’s violin taking second place to the oboe, and the jaunty final Allegro, with nicely done echo effects, provides a fittingly animated close to this excellent programme.”

Musicweb CD review

“Fischer also has a worthy partner in the reconstructed Concerto for Violin and Oboe. Oboist Rubtsov has a singing tone that is on full display in the slow middle movement with its heartbreaker of a theme. As each soloist plays it, the other imitates it, responds to it, or weaves embellishments around it. Bach at his most soulful, and wonderfully played here.”

Bangkok Post, 27-02-2009

“I admire him because he is first a musician and second an oboist. I love the way he articulates and plays legato.”

Julia Fischer (from Decca press release)

“Oboist Andrey Rubtsov enchanted us with his tone and highly musical shapes of phrases in Fantasia for Oboe and Piano by Eugene Bozza. His gentle sound and thoughtful lyric lines gave a beautiful seamlessness and expression to the slow section while lightness and agility brought diversity into his exciting interpretation.”

Luxemburger Wort, 16-02-2007

“Second part opened with La Roxelane by Haydn marked with magnificent solos of Andrey Rubtsov.”

Gazeta, 20-01-2008

“Great job from the soloists – flutist Maxim Rubtsov, clarinetist Alexei Bogorad, oboist Andrey Rubtsov.”

Gazeta, 05-10-2006

“The wonderfully languid oboe tone of Andrey Rubtsov captured the music's tragic poignancy.”

Music and Vision, 29-01-2004

“Perhaps the only really outstanding moment proved to be the oboe solo (Bravo, Andrey Rubtsov!) from the box of a distant amphitheatre.”

Nezavisimaya gazeta, 11-02-2003

“A good oboist is a keystone to success of every concert. In case of Andrey the orchestra found not only a brilliant oboist but also a great organizer — Andrey leads the RNO Chamber ensemble.”

Vogue Russia, no. 2 2005
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